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Unfettered is a voluntary group formed in 2004 to run educational and entertainment events in the UK to further the cause of BDSM & Fetish here. Kinkfest 2004 was our first event since when KinkFest 2 was held in 2005 and KinkFest 3 in 2006 and NOW KINKFEST4 is here. All profits go towards underwriting future events and beyond that to other organisations for the sole benefit of the BDSM & Fetish communities. It is constituted as a Company limited by Guarantee.

Note: This is a mirror of the main Unfettered site, which has been having performance problems. The login and join buttons don't do anything but you don't need them to see the content

KinkFest 4 has arrived

read all about it and how to book here

Join in discussions and find out the latest news in the Unfettered Forum Register (it's free) and away you go.

Please note. it is not necessary to sign in to get access to the website and has no advantages. The box is simply there to allow those who Administer the site, and have the relevant permissions, to do so.
IF however you wish to be able to posts to the Forums (whether you have signed in on this page or not) you DO have to register in the Forum section and then sign in THERE.

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